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Bear Valley Trail Stewardship

"Two Project" Trail Work Day 
Saturday - August 6th
BV Adventure Center - 8:30am - Join Us!

Join your fellow volunteers for our third trail work event this season.   We will be dividing up into two groups to clean up the Upper Tamarack Trail and the Emigrant Trail to Lake Alpine.  These need raking, opening of drains, clearing brush and just making them more enjoyable for everyone to use.

We'll work until 12:30, then return for complimentary lunch with drinks for young and adults and lots of camaraderie.   DETAILS HERE

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Third Trail Work Event is August 6th!  Details!

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Our Local BV Trails

For eons the native Miwok and Washoe tribes built and used trails to the many lakes, rivers and mountain tops for hunting and gathering in the greater Bear Valley region.  Later the first European settlers used these trails to establish routes across the Central Sierra crest to search for gold and settle California.


Today the Bear Valley region’s trails have taken on a new purpose.  They provide recreation for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and others user groups. The Bear Valley Trail Stewardship’s mission is to link the local and visitor communities together through the building, maintaining, and enhancement of the region’s recreational trails.  The Bear Valley Trail Stewardship invites you to experience our trails and join us in our mission.  To stay informed or learn how to get involved, click here  to learn more ABOUT BVTS.

~Michael Cooke, BVTS President~