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Bear Valley Region
2024 Trail Issues
Report or Repair

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Reporting or Repairing Local Trail Issues

HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP by reporting down trees or other issues on our local trails...

Report Trail Issues:

If you go out hiking or biking on our local trails and notice any issues such as down trees over the trail or other issues that need attention, please consider reporting the issue on the Issue Form below.  BVTS will try to solve some of these trail issues quickly. 


Report Trail Repairs:

If you see some of these issues and followed through with repairs to make these repairs yourself, then please enter that information on the Issue Form as well. This should help eliminate any duplication of effort.  

Thank you very much for your contribution reporting or repairing.  It helps keep our local trails clear and useable for everyone!

Local BVTS Trails: 2024
Issue Reporting  

Repair Reporting Form

Thanks for helping our trail opening effort! Your results will be added very soon.

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