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How to Get Involved

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Join us on volunteer trail work days

BVTS will be starting trail work events beginning in June.  Until then, you can help by hiking or biking the local trails and reporting the conditions.  


A typical trail work day may have from a dozen to 30+ volunteers.  There are all level of jobs from lopping off invading tree  branches to improving trail drainage to making new trails.  Friends and family are always welcome, and is a good way to meet new friends and have a great time outdoors. 

We typically work from 8:30am to around 1pm, then retire to BVTS Park (next to the BV Adventure Center for a beer or BBQ and a relax)

Come out and join us!  See below how YOU can get involved!

Other ways YOU can help BVTS

The BVTS Needs "People" Help

As a young organization, we are in need of volunteers to help in the various capacities listed below.  If you can spare some time to donate or have special skills that may be of assistance, please contact and let us know!


Event Coordinator

We are in need of an organized person(s) who would be willing to help oversee several events a year including our trail building events.  This involves making contacts, reserving venues (rarely), coordinating a group of volunteers, etc.  If you (or two) are interested, please let us know -


Have Talents to Lend Us?

If you have particular talents that may be of help to this young organization, as we begin to grow, please contact us at:  We would love to have you join us!

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