We are always looking for ways to engage and involve volunteers to help maintain and build the local BV trails we all love.  Come and join us for the events and trail building days listed below:

Please Note:  Volunteer Waiver Forms must be filled out for trail workers on local trails with BVTS organization.  Get forms HERE
Next Trail work Day...
Cape Horn Trail Work Day - Saturday, July 27th

Come out and join us, to help repair the Cape Horn Trail, after the heavy snows. We will be out with rakes, loppers, hoes and chainsaws (bring yours if USFS certified).  There are jobs for all levels.  It involves about 2 miles round trip of hiking.  Working from both ends of the trail, the two groups will work towards the center. 

bring along your family and friends, to show them that "trails aren't born, they are designed, built and maintained by volunteers, like you and I"!

MEET at the Bear Valley Adventure Company at 8:30 am where we will have a quick tool safety briefing, then car pool to the sight.  We should be done by 1pm. 

BRING water, snacks, gloves with long pants, long sleeve shirts and don't forget a hat.  Tools will be provided to all those who do not have their own.  

For more information go to:
Or contact Mike at:

First Trail Work Event - Saturday, June 29th
32 volunteers stepped up to open our local trails!

Our first official trail work day of the season was our biggest yet!  Thirty two volunteers showed up to help work on 4 of our main local trails.  After a
welcome and safety briefing by USFS, we divided into three groups and headed out for a few hours of trail work.  Some folks hit the Upper Tamarack Trail from both ends.  After opening drains, removing downed trees and dibre they event found time to start onto the Lower Tamarack Trail and got the first portion of that cleared as well. Another group worked on the top half of the Silvertip to BV trail, loggin downed trees, filling erosion trenches and creating new drains.  After that, they even found time to work on the start of the Lower Rings Trail from Hwy 207 to the first creek.  Other groups did similar work on the Emigrant Trail, the lower half of Silvertip to BV trail and then came into town and worked on clearing the trail below Granite Slab.  

Around 1pm, everyone gathered back in BVTS Park (aka: Adventure Center BBQ Area), to enjoy a Trailworkers Lunch provided by BTS.  Overall it was one of our best trail work days and a great start to a new summer trail season.  

--Chain Saw Class Full--
USFS Chain Saw Certification Class
Saturday, June 22nd
David McCrea with the FS is scheduling the BVTS chain saw certification class for June 22 at the FS station in Dorrington at 10:00 am. The class will take most of the day so bring lunch. The class covers the mechanics of a chain saw, chain saw safety and proper chain saw use techniques. Participants need to wear long pants, ankle high (8 - inches) boots preferably leather, long sleeve shirt and eye protection.  If your have leather gloves, hard hat and sawer's chaps please bring them.  In order to get your certificate you must present proof of currant first aid and CPR training. The sawer's certification will allow you to operate a chain saw in the National Forest to remove downed trees blocking our trails, brushing and to drop small trees that pose a safety risk to trail users.  Dropping large trees is not covered by the class and certificate.  We report the larger trees to the FS for them to remove.
 No cost. 
If you are interested in taking this class please contact Mike Cooke at

Reclaim “Lost Trail” Work Day - Saturday, Oct. 13th

If you look carefully and click on the trail map picture, from the 2001 Spicer 
Meadow Quadrangle, it shows a small trail that is part of the Lake Alpine Bypass Trail (Lake Alpine Loop).  After searching several times for remnants of that trail, it was finally located.  We at BVTS are planning a restoration trail day for the simple reason that it would complete a loop allowing people to ride or hike completely around Lake Alpine WITHOUT setting foot on any paved roads. The complete "Lake Alpine Loop"!    The pre-trail work has already been completed, such as logging, flagging and the reconstruction of difficult sections.  We need lots of volunteers to help restore the tread.

Come out and join us, to help reclaim this “forgotten trail”. And...
bring along your family and friends, to show them that "trails aren't born, they are designed and built by volunteers, like you and I"!

We will be having a morning of trail work (approx. 8:30am to 1pm), followed by a free BBQ lunch and raffle prizes.  

MEET at the Bear Valley Adventure Company at 8:30 am where we will have a quick tool safety briefing, then car pool to the sight.  

BRING water, snacks, gloves with long pants, long sleeve shirts and don't forget a hat.  Tools will be provided to all those who do not have their own.  

Working from both ends of the trail, the two groups will meet at the center for the driving of the "golden spike" (aka: orange logging wedge).  After a brief ceremony we will head back to BVTS Park, next to the Bear Valley Adventure Center to celebrate the end of a successful trail building season, with a big thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it a so.

Please fill out this simple RSVP form  (so that we can get a rough idea of how many we will feed at the Octoberfest Lunch. Click HERE

Hope to see all of you on Saturday, October 13th.  

For more information go to:
Or contact Mike at:

Bear Valley Fat Tire Festival
September 8th-9th in Bear Valley, CA

Thanks for a great two days!  Raised funds for new trails, met some new friends, had some great rides and BBQ.  We will be posting pictures soon!

Event operated under special use permit with the Stanislaus National Forest

The weekend festivities will include guided MTB rides, shuttles to the high points of some of our best trails, bike demos and gear sales, food and beverages (beer by Snowshoe Brewery), camping, games, raffles with plenty of swag, BVTS T-Shirts available and live music at HermitFest.

Registration is $50 and includes any or all of the following: guided rides, trail map, Saturday lunch, Saturday BBQ dinner, beer and wine, shuttles to high trail points on Cape Horn and Rings trails on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, plus Poker Ride with prizes.  MORE DETAILS HERE...

Full Fat Tire Festival Weekend Schedule Available HERE

TWO Parts to BV-Fat Tire Festival registration process:
      1. Fill out the registration form (1 form per person)- FORM HERE

      2. Pay registration fee (secure PayPal)- PAYMENT HERE
          -OR-  Register, then pay by check at the sign-in table on 9/8.

Pacific Valley through Mosquito Lakes to Stanislaus Meadow - Trail Work Day - To Be Announced

Our upcoming trail event, still in the planning stage, is a combination social event and trail
work day on the trail from Pacific Valley to Mosquito lakes AND from Mosquito Lakes down to Stanislaus Meadow (working both directions).  There is a lot of clearing needed on the Mosquito to PV trail as many trees have fallen during the winter.  Some tread work and drainage will be addressed as well.  The issues from Mosquito to Stanislaus are brushing, drain clearing and tread work.  

Coming Soon: Stay tuned here for an update coming soon, and join us for this trail work and social event. 

BVTS Volunteers

We just wanted to let you know that the next BVTS Trail Work Event will be coming up on 
Saturday, July 27th.  Save the date and plan on joining us along with friends and family for a morning of trail work on the local BV trails.

WHERE:  We will be working on the 2 mile section of the Cape Horn Trail, raking off pine cones and branches, repairing drains, removing fallen trees, and lopping off over grown branches.  There are work levels for everyone and tools will be provided (unless you have a favorite you'd like to bring along).

BRING:  Be sure to wear sturdy shoes and long pants.  Bring your gloves, water and snacks.

We should be done around 1pm.

For more details, see:   BearValleyTrails.Org for the latest information and more trail work days ahead.

Trail Work and Events Calendar
Check the calendar below for BV Trail Stewards trail work days and events.  It is through the work of volunteers like you that we can all enjoy the trails we build and maintain.  Check below and see how you can get involved!

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