President / Founder - Michael Cooke - Contact at:

C.F.O. - Jocelyne Cooke - Contact at:

Secretary - Mark Korte - Contact at:


Senior Advisor - Morgan Fletcher - Contact at:

Local BV Advisor - Paul Petersen - Contact at:
Former Owner of Bear Valley Adventure Center

Local BV Advisor - Kimi Johnson - Contact at:
BV Co-op and Local Advisor

Bear Valley Adventure Center Event Manager - Aaron Johnson - Contact: 

Local Business Advisor - Joel Barnett - Contact at:
Bear Valley Real Estate

Website / Social Media - Gary Bissell - Contact at:


As a sponsor of Bear Valley Trail Stewards, your business can be a big part of creating and maintaining the recreational trail systems in the Ebbetts Pass corridor.  With your logo and business name displayed you will be appreciated by the many riders, hikers, and runners in the area and will be associated with sustainable trails throughout the region.  There are several ways to participate.  Please contact us at: to find out more, or...
Donations may also be made by mailing a check made out to:  
Bear Valley Trail Stewards
4029 Oakmore Road,
Oakland, CA  94602
Creator of our logos and stationary

Bear Valley Cross Country (winter)
Bear Valley Adventure Center (summer)
Local Bear Valley business and sponsor of past, present and future trails

Bear Valley Business Association
Donated our event banner

REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.)
Donated funds to BV Trail Stewards in the name of John Petersen

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship
Mentors and pro-bono consultants

Stanislaus National Forest
Trail consultants and partners