BEAR VALLEY TRAIL STEWARDSHIP -  WHAT'S NEW?                              
      √ Trail Work Season is Over, However...  There will be a few informal work days to work on signage - details here!
      √ BVTS would like to extend a very big THANK YOU to all of our trail work volunteers who came out to help this season.
      √ Did You Know?   During THIS seasons 7 BVTS trail events, volunteers logged over 830 hours of trail work!    
                Season trail work is over                     2019 trail season plans

Our Local BV Trails
For eons the native Miwok and Washoe tribes built and used trails to the many lakes, rivers and mountain tops for hunting and gathering in the greater Bear Valley region.  Later the first European settlers used these trails to establish routes across the Central Sierra crest to search for gold and settle California.

Today the Bear Valley region’s trails have taken on a new purpose.  They provide recreation for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and others user groups. The Bear Valley Trail Stewardship’s mission is to link the local and visitor communities together through the building, maintaining, and enhancement of the region’s recreational trails.  The Bear Valley Trail Stewardship invites you to experience our trails and join us in our mission.  To stay informed or learn how to get involved, CLICK HERE  
~Michael Cooke, BVTS President~

A short trail hike to Dorothy Lake at the top of Ebbetts Pass

Latest 2019 BVTS News...

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for Trails Project
& Bear Valley Trail Stewardship Volunteers
Teamed Up - Saturday, August 3rd

Here are some pictures from the event!   ALES FOR TRAILS IN BV

Cape Horn Trail Work Day - Saturday, July 27th

Come out and join us, to help repair the Cape Horn Trail, after the heavy snows. We will be out with rakes, loppers, hoes and chainsaws (bring yours if USFS certified).  There are jobs for all levels.  It involves about 2 miles round trip of hiking.  Working from both ends of the trail, the two groups will work towards the center. 

"Open the Trails"
First Trail Work Event - Saturday, June 29th
Bring your friends and family!

Our first official trail work day will be Saturday, June 29th.  Since we are starting so late and there are so many trails to get ready, we have decided to divide our volunteer groups onto 2 or 3 local trails.  These may involve the ATT trail between BV and Tamarack, and the BV to Silvertip trail.  These depend on the amount of snow melt between now and then. We were scheduled to reclaim the Wolfe-Bray Trail below Spicer Reservoir, and there is a little left to do on that trail, but Mike Cooke and others have gotten an early start and have completed much of the preparation work for the Boy Scouts, who will finish the new trail section later next month. 

Join us if you can on Saturday, July 29th.  We will meet at the Bear Valley Adventure Center at 8:30am and car pool to the work sights.  Don't forget to wear sturdy shoes, long pants and bring a hat, gloves, water and snacks.  Tools will be provided.

Also, bring your friends and family, to show them that trails don't just appear, they are built by volunteers like you.

End of 2018 Trail Building Season Letter...

Thanks to all of you and Happy Holiday Season.

I want to thank all of you for making the Bear Valley Trail Stewardship’s first year such a success.  The thing I am most thankful for is getting to know all of you so much better and for how working with you on the Bear Valley region’s trails has enhanced our community.

I think you should all be proud of what we have achieved this year.  In our first year we:

·       Founded and received our 501c3 status

·       Launched our website

·       Signed up 96 active members on our email list

·       Got four members USFS chain saw certified

·       Put on six organized volunteer trail maintenance/building events

·       Logged out and performed repairs on approximately 33 miles of BV trails

·       Resurrected the Bear Area Fat Tire Festival which netted over $2,000 
        to support the BVTS's trail programs

·       Recorded 420 volunteer hours during our trail events, plus 72 hours 
people who check out tools and at least 100 hours of work by you all
        that just went out and did trail work on your own.

I also want to thank the following for their donations and support of our events.

Paul and Diane Peterson – Bear Valley Adventure Company, along with
Kurt Hoffler –        Rossingnol
Jeff Yarnell –         Snowshoe Brewery
Paul Gwin –           Bear Valley Mountain Resort
Joel Barnett –        Bear Valley Business Association
David Phillips –      Michael David Wines
Kurt Gensheimer – Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship
Walt Markus –       Gateway Press
Ken Prosser –        Kenji Designs
Gary Bissell –        Website

As I look at the Bear Valley Mountain webcam and snow covered Cub Meadow, I see that the 2018 trail hiking and biking season is over and we now have the opportunity to look ahead to 2019.  The winter snow provides us with a great opportunity to plan ahead for what we hope to achieve next season. Some things on my mind are:

·       The annual log out and repair of the local trails we worked on in 2018

·       Logging out and repairing the trails we did not get to like 19E01 from
        Cape Horn to Mosquito Lake and 18E18.  When I hiked it a few weeks 
        ago it had 21 trees down that needed to be cut

·       Working with the Boy Scouts to revive the Wolfburro Trail and develop 
        a scouting trail stewardship program

·       Finding and reclaiming 18E24A from 19EO1 to the Woodchuck Basin   
        trail head

·       Working with the FS to establish some new trails like an extension of 
        18E41 to 18E18 and extending 18E18 around the private property and 
        connecting it to Highway 4 near Corral Hollow trail head. Also a bike 
        legal multi-use trail from Cape Horn to Stanislaus Meadow

·       Working with the FS to identify and prioritize work on other trails.

·       Holding some hands on trail building clinics where FS experts instruct 
        us on more advanced trail construction techniques.  Luis and I talked   
        about the possibility of doing this on a section of 20E04 where some   
        rock water bars might help address the erosion issues.

·       Providing chain saw certification for those interested

·       Installing better signage

·       Establishing a more formal adopt-a-trail program

I encourage you to get involved with any of the above that interest you and to champion other trail stewardship goals that you want to take on.  We are a very resourceful and supportive community and we can get a lot done together. 

Thanks so much to all of you.  I can’t wait to get out on our trails with you all next season. 

Happy trails,

Mike Cooke – BVTS President

Upcoming Trail Projects...
Bear Valley Trail Work Day

Our last trail work day finished off with a 2.5 mile build by 20 volunteers from the local area.  They were able to reclaim an older trail, this restoring a full loop around Lake Alpine.  This will be added to Trail Forks soon.  A full group of pictures are available on our PICS PAGE.

Stay tuned here for event information for next years season.

For information contact Mike at:
BVTS President

Our Spring Kick-Off Event - Thanks Volunteers!
Our first BVTS event went off as smooth as a green-rated trail, with a few minor ruts, but overall friendly and especially fun.  
Thirty-two volunteers came out with tools in hand and eager smiles to join friends and neighbors and start the first day of maintenance on our local trails.  The day’s accomplishments included removing winter-downed trees, brushing, opening drains and clearing debris.  The morning crews worked on the Bear Valley to Lake Alpine Trail and the By-Pass Trail.  After a BBQ lunch and raffle, some folks didn’t want to stop, and so, an afternoon crew was formed that cleared and worked new drains on the Rings Trail.  Overall, it was a great day of work, fun and making new friends.  A 
slide show with more of the day’s pictures is on its way!  

To stay informed about future BVTS events, sign our e-mail list HERE.

Upcoming Events...
Trail Work DayOur next trail work day will be late September or Early October and will likely be work on restoring the "lost" portion of the Lake Alpine Extension Trail.  This will allow a complete loop ride around Lake Alpine without having to ride on any paved roads.  At this season finally, we are planning a BBQ and raffles for any trail workers who come out to help.  

CLICK-HERE for more information.

Fat Tire Festival  
CLICK-HERE for more information.

Next Meeting...
The next meeting of the Bear Valley Trail Stewards will be announced here.  The public is welcome.  Join us and get involved!