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Our Local BV Trails
For eons the native Miwok and Washoe tribes built and used trails to the many lakes, rivers and mountain tops for hunting and gathering in the greater Bear Valley region.  Later the first European settlers used these trails to establish routes across the Central Sierra crest to search for gold and settle California.

Today the Bear Valley region’s trails have taken on a new purpose.  They provide recreation for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and others user groups. The Bear Valley Trail Stewardship’s mission is to link the local and visitor communities together through the building, maintaining, and enhancement of the region’s recreational trails.  The Bear Valley Trail Stewardship invites you to experience our trails and join us in our mission.  To stay informed or learn how to get involved, CLICK HERE  
~Michael Cooke, BVTS President~

A short trail hike to Dorothy Lake at the top of Ebbetts Pass

Upcoming Trail Projects...
Bear Valley Trail Work Day

Our last trail work day finished off with a 2.5 mile build by 20 volunteers from the local area.  They were able to reclaim an older trail, this restoring a full loop around Lake Alpine.  This will be added to Trail Forks soon.  A full group of pictures are available on our PICS PAGE.

Stay tuned here for event information for next years season.

For information contact Mike at:
BVTS President

Our Spring Kick-Off Event - Thanks Volunteers!
Our first BVTS event went off as smooth as a green-rated trail, with a few minor ruts, but overall friendly and especially fun.  
Thirty-two volunteers came out with tools in hand and eager smiles to join friends and neighbors and start the first day of maintenance on our local trails.  The day’s accomplishments included removing winter-downed trees, brushing, opening drains and clearing debris.  The morning crews worked on the Bear Valley to Lake Alpine Trail and the By-Pass Trail.  After a BBQ lunch and raffle, some folks didn’t want to stop, and so, an afternoon crew was formed that cleared and worked new drains on the Rings Trail.  Overall, it was a great day of work, fun and making new friends.  A 
slide show with more of the day’s pictures is on its way!  

To stay informed about future BVTS events, sign our e-mail list HERE.

Upcoming Events...
Trail Work DayOur next trail work day will be late September or Early October and will likely be work on restoring the "lost" portion of the Lake Alpine Extension Trail.  This will allow a complete loop ride around Lake Alpine without having to ride on any paved roads.  At this season finally, we are planning a BBQ and raffles for any trail workers who come out to help.  

CLICK-HERE for more information.

Fat Tire Festival  
CLICK-HERE for more information.

Next Meeting...
The next meeting of the Bear Valley Trail Stewards will be announced here.  The public is welcome.  Join us and get involved!